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Earth is under attack! The silver ships of the invaders are everywhere, striking at will. Earth’s mightiest defences are helpless against them. As the survivors huddle, three Heroes step forward.
Ella Hoi is a dusky Hawaiian maiden. Presently, she is in a police cell, sleeping off a hangover.
James “Alley Cat” O’Malley is a brave and handsome American fighter pilot. The aliens have already shot him down once but he’s not for giving up.
Dewi Williams, the brave and handsome Welsh spaceship Captain is on his way to Mars. He and his predominantly brave and handsome crew are the only ones with a chance to strike a killing blow at the alien advance base, which has been located “Somewhere on Mars”. Problem is, his ship was on a scientific mission and has no weapons.
And who is Stargazer?
Can our heroes prevail?
Only one way to find out…

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